For more self-awareness

Our own self-awareness is a prerequisite for mindful leadership and goodwill towards ourselves and others.

My own story

For many years I could not do anything with mindfulness and resilience. Meditation felt like prescribed mindfulness. For me there was no reason to do it in companies. The pressure to relax and to see or feel things that have to change my life was so big that I was more stressed afterwards than before.

During my further training with Verena König, I suddenly understood what resilience actually means and what meditation can feel like. Since then I  accompany teams and organizations using trauma-sensitive methods.

The only concern that I pursue with my guided meditations and resilience workshops is to strengthen our powers of perception for ourselves and our bodies. Because for me that is the basis for us to be able to develop inner competencies such as empathy, the ability to deal with conflict or meta-reflection.

We can only perceive in others what we perceive in ourselves!

My offers for your company


live or online - from 2 hours

What do our autonomic nervous system, resilience and emotional leadership have to do with each other? How can we strengthen our own resilience and that of our organization?

The less the experience of stress throws us off balance and the better we can react to the feeling of stress, the greater our resilience is.

For me, resilience has two components: the width of our stress tolerance window or the range in which we can react to external challenges in a balanced way, and our ability to regulate ourselves.


live or online, individual topics, from 15 minutes up to 3 hours including individual workshops

For me, meditation is a way to strengthen our power of perception for ourselves and our bodies.

This means that the participants can freely and completely independently decide on their position, their surroundings and what supports them while meditating. For me, this is already the beginning of the ability to strengthen the powers of perception.

Meditation is therefore an important basis for my work in developing inner perceptive skills.

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