1:1 Coaching

For those willing to change

Individual coaching packages for those willing to change and who want to make a difference in this world - without a lot of bla

There are many good reasons for coaching

You want change, but you lack the courage?

Do you have visions, but just can’t take action?

You want to find out what is next for you?

You would like to have a buddy who encourages you?

I am the right coach for you

if you are serious about it

if you are ready to say Yes to change

if you have a sense of humour

if you want to make a difference in this world

Because I have a clear mission: to mobilize lots of change makers to shake up our system and create something great and new.

My 1:1 Coaching offers

Contact me to find out which coaching package suits you and your goals best. And of course to check whether I am the right coach for you. 


1x60min Individual Coaching

Do you have a very specific request? Then I would be happy to accompany you on short sections of your journey. Spontaneous, individual, short and clear.

online, English or German
- 200eur incl. VAT -


5x60min Individual Coaching

One hour is not enough for you, because you need a little time to warm up?

online, English or German
- 950eur incl. VAT -


10-15x60min Individual Coaching

Are you looking for intensive support and not a short trip? And my program CourageBreakout does not match?

Please contact me by phone for your individual offer
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