I am Laura, encourager, leadership expert, woman of clear words and entrepreneur with heart.

Hallo, I am Laura, encourager, leadership expert, woman of clear words and entrepreneur with heart.

I support people who courageously want to break out of old patterns in order to live the life that feels really good.

I am a loving, humorous person, who also enters the political terrain with security and professionalism … if she wants to. I can juggle with numbers and I have the sun in my heart and my heart on my tongue!


For a long time I had the feeling that I was going through life adjusted. Nothing with a bang-bang. Determination was my middle name.

I was successful, but I fulfilled others’ expectations instead of my own. I avoided conflict out of fear to be excluded. I did not share my honest opinion, out of fear I would disturb the harmony.

The consequence? I was not motivated, but I didn’t really know why. And my life, it felt completely unlived!

After intensive reflection and various aha moments, I started my CourageBREAKOUT! I quit my management job and started a bumpy journey with an unknown destination.


Do you wish to swim against the current?

Just like me, my clients are looking for a challenge, question the existing, are ambitious and strive for excellence rather than mediocrity for themselves and in their professional environment. What they lack is clarity, a roadmap and the courage to act!


What I have learned on my journey so far, I make available to you in my coaching and impulses. I provide more clarity by opening up space for you in which you can reflect and experiment.


I want to tease out your strengths and potentials, lure you out of your reserves, give you new impulses. I focus on what makes you braver and bigger. So that you are more impactful and ready to swim against the current.


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I can be uncomfortable too!

My passion is to ask good questions, to take the critical role and to encourage people to be themselves!

I want to drive change and am ready to take on the uncomfortable role for it at times.

It is my gift to recognize connections quickly and to honestly and clearly  question non-meaningful processes.

In my environment, this has often initiated reflection and change.

Do you also want a change?

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Would you prefer to find out a little more about me? Then read on or jump straight to a few facts!

From leadership in the corporate world to a coutless life

My life was straightforward. After studying economics, I started in international agricultural trade and lived there for eight years my vision of a varied, dynamic and successful career.

My job was my passion! I had a lot of responsibility, made decisions every day, and took the lead. Yeah i enjoyed it.

"Despite the supposed
dream job, I was not happy!"

And I was missing something! I was stuck and my legs were heavy as lead. Do you know the moment when you wonder who you are without your job and suddenly you feel a big emptiness?

I felt that my course was no longer forward-looking and meaningful. A change literally forced itself on me, because I already stood for a new leadership style.

The more I worked on myself and my leadership, the more I questioned the corporate culture and myself.

Despite a top job, the prospect of further career steps and a reputation in my role, I jumped out of my hamster wheel. Because this life was no longer my life, but that of a young woman who was afraid to follow her feelings and express her own opinion with courage.

At the time, I had no plan how to make money. There I was, without a gold coat, naked and with a vague vision in my heart.

"Even a conscious jump
into cold water causes pain at first!"

Why does a woman do that? Because it feels right. I am convinced that there is no point in reflecting, thinking, composing and complaining about your own unhappiness for an eternity. At some point the day has come when you jump into the cold water.

Through my actions I learned what a profound change is about. And I quickly realized how much courage it takes to let go of the old!

That’s what I love about coaching – it’s always about taking action as well!

The route is the goal or the search for the working environment of the future

I didn’t become a coach because I looked in the mirror in the morning and felt that I wanted to change the world. I got to know my current husband, didn’t want to leave Braunschweig anymore and he inflamed the idea of self-employment in me.

Before, I looked in vain for a work environment in which naturalness leads to success, diversity is welcome and leadership is a profession – apparently not an easy combination and reason enough for me to contribute as a coach.

So I created the work environment in which I felt comfortable! I founded myself! And that twice!

"As the owner of my coaching business, I want to help leaders, future leaders, teams, organizations and all those who think differently to break with old patterns, take risks and create a new work environment."

Coaching is not enough for me, because my heart beats for entrepreneurship. So I founded a food start-up as a co-partner.

So I get to know the challenges of founders, medium-sized companies and teams first-hand every day and try out for myself how it can work to create a new work environment while our business continues to run successfully.

1+1=3, because in addition there is my self-employment in network marketing, which I built up part-time in 2016. As an enthusiastic networker, this business model appeals to me as a work model of the future.

Three different products, three different business models and one insight:

"Change requires
courage, trust, vision and DOING!"

I’m ready and look forward to supporting you in creating the conditions for your change!

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And book your free 60-minute introductory session now
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